• Original Smartphone Blanket



    • Features


      super soft cushion for phone

      Arm holes to keep you cozy while you read or surf the Internet


      my phone is too heavy, my phone hurts my pinkie, sore pinkie

      Pocket for Cellphone Power-Bank


      phone accessory, iphone holder

      Two Snack Pockets, Ziplock Bags Included



      Chest Pouch for Optional Gravity Pack


      custom cases for iphone

      Neck cut-out Keeps Shoulders Warm


      wireless charging for iphone

      Extra Long to Keep Toesies Toasty


      custom cases for iphone

      Machine Washable


    • Comfort You Deserve


      super soft cushion for phone

      BLANKtech's Sherpa is sure to keep you comfortable from head to toe

    • Other Guys


      super soft cushion for phone

      Have to wear robes vs simply pull over


      custom cases for iphone

      Robes make upper body hot, while feet stay cold


      custom cases for iphone

      Gravity blankets are hard to get on


      custom cases for iphone

      Can't wash most gravity blankets



      The Verdict

      Why didn't someone think of this sooner? I can't imagine using an ordinary blanket now.

      Love how I can easily charge my phone when low on juice.

      While I loved my old gravity blanket, I like how BLANKtech provides compression just for my chest, and is washable.

      I'll never watch TV the same way again. I got BLANLKtechs for the whole family!

      The first thing I did after getting BLANKtech was try to score another one so my husband doesn't steal mine!

      Snuggie is great when it is really cold outside, but sometimes you just need a simple blanket designed for holding your phone.