I'm Darya Forutanpour, a H.S. student from San Diego, CA and the inventor. I created Blanktech™ because I liked how my snuggly robe allowed me read books while staying warm, but I wasn't a fan of how hot it made me, especially on my back. I also liked my weighted blanket to relax after a stress-full day at school, but over time, I found my weighted blanket too restricting and annoying for everyday use. 

What I really wanted was a simple weighted blanket with arm holes. But I was surprised after Googling around and searching Amazon that I couldn't find anything!


So, I decided to talk to my dad to see if together we could make one. I know it sounds cliche to say my dad inspired me to become an inventor, but it's true! He did a kickstarter a while back for a 5-in-1 ball and bat he made my brother and I, The AryaBall, then followed it up with the TLTD phone grip. Watching him tinker in the garage after our family dinners gave me the confidence to try to do the same.



I looked at hundreds of user comments from Kickstarter, Indiegogo and Amazon on every type of blanket imaginable, and developed what I believe is better than anything you have ever tried. Something that doesn't restrict your mobility, converts to a weighted blanket when you need a hug, and is easy to clean. A blanket that keeps you warm from your shoulders down to your toes, looks chic, and keeps the things you use most close by. 


I've tried to make Blanktech™  affordable. Without the weight pack, it's only slightly more expensive than a basic Sherpa blanket that doesn't have all of the other features. It is competitively priced against traditional weighted blankets that are filled all over with plastic beads vs just compression over the chest.

So I appreciate you checking out my Shopify Store. Blanktech comes with 30-DAY Money Back Guarantee, so if you don't love my invention, just email us and we will make it right.


I have to take a moment and thanks the 174 people how made my dream a reality. If it wasn't for my Kickstarter Backers, who believed in me and Blanktech, none of this would have been possible. So A BIG THANK YOU AND HUG to each and everyone of them. Our KS page is here if you wanted to check it out.


My dream? To one day be on SharkTank and land a deal with someone I really look up to, Lori Grenier! #girlPOWER


Darya Forutanpour w/ her proud dad.
Darya Forutanpour w/ her proud dad.