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Blanktech Blanket

Leopard Blanktech™

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With 4 must-have features, why use an ordinary blanket ever again?

  1. Arm holes so you can use your phone, read, enjoy a snack, play X-Box, take Zoom calls when WFH, take to movies to stay cozy, ...
  2. Insert OPTIONAL 5 lb. pack to apply pressure that's similar to a hug, and melt away the day's stress
  3. V-neck design helps keep shoulders warm
  4. Pockets help you keep eye glasses, TV-remotes or snacks close


Blanktech™ is made of 200 gsm (grams per square meter) flannel fleece exterior for max comfort, and ultra-soft 230 gsm warm Sherpa fleece interior - like a sheep, but vegan and cruelty free.


Blanktech™ measures 50" wide by 60" long.

Care information

Unlike other weighted blankets stuffed with glass or plastic beads, Blanktech™ is easy to wash. Just pull out the compression pack, toss the blanket in the machine and wash on delicate cycle. Then tumble dry at medium heat or hang it to dry, and voilà,  fresh and clean, as good as the day you bought it.

Optional 5 lb. Weight Pack

Sometimes when you're having a bad day, you just need a little hug. That's where Blanktech™ comes in! 

Just slide in the  5-pound compression pack (sold separately) into the Velcro-sealable pouch and allow Blanktech™ to apply gentle compression over your heart, hugging you into a gentle state of relaxation.

Research on weighted blankets has shown they have the same effect as a newborn being swaddled, which stops them from crying or being startled. This deep touch sensation helps improve sleep, reduces anxiety and lifts your mood by increasing your happiness hormones.